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What Was New at the Axpona Audio Expo 2019?

The Axpona Audiophile Expo 2019 in Chicago this year was full of surprises. In this detailed show report and video, we describe best and most interesting new home-audio products from around the world.

In Chicago, at the Axpona Audio Expo in 2018, we were lucky enough to speak with Mike Manousselis, VP Operations Dynaudio North America about their new Music range of high-end wireless speakers. Here is our Dynaudio showroom report and highlights from the interview as well as the full interview on video.

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Streaming audio at home is a great thing to do, but how have others setup their whole home audio? Here are three practical examples of how people set up their house or apartment with streaming audio to enhance their listening experience.

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Get wired with streaming home audio the easy way. Following on from our introduction to streaming audio at home, our beginners guide part 2. explains which options are currently the most popular and practical. Cut those cords and enjoy your music collection without wires. It's easier than you think...

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Consumer wireless audio products featured strongly this year at the CES Show in Las Vegas and here is our roundup of the best. From the 6th to 11th January 2019, the world of consumer electronics descended on Las Vegas to showcase their latest and greatest gadgets. We are please to report that Wireless & Bluetooth home audio is going from strength to strength.

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In this beginners guide we explain what streaming audio means, what you need to get started using a streaming music service and how streaming music works. In short, this novice guide to the audio streaming world explains everything you need know about what streaming music is.
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Unboxing, setup and configuration of the budget audiophile Vanatoo transparent Zero bluetooth speakers. These excellent low-priced bookshelf speakers are a perfect introduction to top-quality home audio. We take a look at how the T0's are packaged and how to set them up out of the box s well as configure them for your inputs and listening area.

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Vanatoo Transparent Zero Interview and demo by the Co-Founders

We were lucky enough to witness and record a full demo of the Vanatoo Transparent Zero by Gary Gesellschen, Chief Engineer and Co-founder of Vanatoo and also interview Rick Kernen, the other co-founder of Vanatoo. Rick explains the ideas behind their cool T0 entry-level audiophile speakers.

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Kanto were good enough to grant us this interview at the Axpona Audiophile show in Chicago, 2018. Brett Smalley, Kanto's Marketing Manager explained a little about the company's history as well as discussing their brand new product, the Kanto SYD Bluetooth speaker and their up and coming TUK high-end speakers due out in October 2018.

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Kanto SYD Speaker Outer Branded Packaging

Unboxing the Kanto SYD Bluetooth Speaker system step-by-step. Our best pick for an apartment speaker system, the SYD from Kanto is a marvel of practical design and versatile, easy use. You do not need an external amplifier with this unit. Just plug in an audio source like a record turntable, games console, TV or connect a phone or iPad via bluetooth and you are away.

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Kanto SYD Bluetooth Speaker in Maroon

The Kanto SYD Bluetooth Speaker full product tour and demonstration of all the features. The Kanto SYD is one of our favourite all-in-one speaker systems. with it's Bluetooth, Phono and Optical inputs it has you covered for playing music from a turntable, digital device, smartphone, laptop, games console or a TV.

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As Bang & Olufsen Speaker Demo's go, this was a great one to show off the Beoplay A9, Beosound 1 and Beosound 2 wireless speakers in the Axpona 2017 B&O room. David Zapfel kindly gave us an in-depth product tour and sound demo that showcased these stylish hi-end home audio speakers.

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Axpona 2018 The Best AudioPhile Show In North America

The Axpona 2018 Audio Show is coming up and that means we get to see the best in audiophile gear for both home hi-fi and professional use. Here is our take on what's coming up for this years show and also a mini-retrospective about what we enjoy last year.

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Audioengine interview, company overview and speaker product overview from our chat with them at the Axpona 2017 audiophile show. Audioengine make some great premium speaker and wireless products in the USA and we love their styling and technology. If you need a great pair of desktop or bookshelf speakers then these products could be just right.

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We review the KEF LS50W Wireless Speakers System in-depth with KEF as part of our series of Audiophile Brand Interviews. Rated number one in our best wireless speaker comparison, this audiophile speaker really is worth the money. Hear KEF explain more about their top home hi-fi product.

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Decibel Audio in Chicago Your Best Place For Used Audiophile Gear

Earlier this year we spoke at length to Steve of Decibel Audio Chicago about current and future wireless speaker developments. the best place to buy used Home Audio equipment in Chicago, it was great to visit the store in Bucktown. Steve tased over which system he thought was best for an easy setup and which brand he preferred for whole home audio. Read the transcription or listen to the video for the full interview.

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Which Is Best? Apple HomePod Vs Amazon Echo Vs Google Home

So you want a smart speaker for your home? Which of the market leaders do you choose? Our comparison and review of Apple HomePod, Google Home or Amazon Echo will help you decide. Even Sonos have a new 2017 offering so here is a detailed review of the best to help you choose the right one.

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Bang & Olufsen Interview with David Zapfel at Axpona 2017

At the Axpona audiophile show in Chicago this year, we filmed an interview with David Zapfel of B&O about the Beoplay A9 wireless speaker, the Beosound 1 and Beosound 2 wireless speakers and the B&O smartphone app for controlling your wireless speakers. Learn more about what Bang & Olufsen have to say about their top-rated home wireless range of speaker and sound systems.

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Wireless Speaker Selector - Find Your Perfect Wireless Speaker

Use this wireless speaker buying guide if you want help on how to choose wireless speakers that are the best for your particular circumstances. Compare all wireless speakers in one place. Do you need an All-in-one, Desktop, Living room or Portable speaker? The Wireless speaker selector will help you find the right system and you can compare similar models.

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A Pianist Demonstrates Why Music Is So Important To Us

Music is very important in our lives but why? In this article, we look at why music is important to us as human beings, why it plays such an important part in our cultures and what influences music can have on us as we grown from children to adulthood. I hope you enjoy this discussion about the nature of music and how we have always enjoyed playing, listening to and recording it.

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Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 Review at Axpona 2017 in Chicago

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 Review and demonstration as given by David Zapfel, Product/Training Manager of B&O North America. We were lucky enough to witness a talk and demonstration of the incredible Beolab 90 wireless speakers from B&O. The Beolab 90 are among the most expensive speakers in the world and offer an incredible high volume with a high-end sound. Read more about our experience of the Beolab 90 at the Axpona show in Chicago, USA.

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Beoplay H5 In-ear Bluetooth Earphones Review
B&O H5 Wireless headphones review: If you are looking for the best in high-end designer wireless earbud earphones? These B&O Beoplay H5 Bluetooth Earbuds by Bang & Olufson are perfect if you want the most elegant earphones available. Easy pairing with iPhone and Android phones. Bang & Olufson have surpassed themselves with the design of the Beoplay H5.
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Need To Know About The Updates to your Devialet Spark Smartphone App? We take a deep dive into the Devialet remote control smartphone app in this review. How well does the app work? What exactly can you control with Devialet Spark? All these questions and more answered. Read more...

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The BoseBuild Speaker Cube Wins Best Audio DIY Project

Looking for the best DIY home audio project for kids? This BoseBuild Speaker Cube is cute and educational at the same time. In this review we look at the technical as well as aesthetic pro's and con's of the wonderful BoseBuild Cube.

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A look at why the Sonos wireless home music system is the most popular wireless speaker system in the USA. The great design and modular speaker systems makes it east to add more units over time to enable your home for multi-room audio.

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Wireless multi-room home audio systems are the future of sound at home but what does multi-room whole home audio actually mean? This guide describes the essentials and details of what you need to know when considering building a DIY multi room audio system for your home. Audiophile quality is now available from a variety of wireless speaker manufacturers. Let us show you how to do multi-room audio right!

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