Bang & Olufson Beoplay H5: The Best In-ear Bluetooth Earphones?

Beoplay H5 In-ear Bluetooth Earphones Review
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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Earbud Earphones Review

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Bang & Olufsen at the recent Axpona audiophile show and we discussed the future of wireless home audio, including their own vision for wireless technology in a high-end home audio setting.

Bang & Olufsen were primarily concerned with showcasing their incredible Beolab 90 High-end floor standing wireless speaker. Although this is an incredible 143 lb hand-made speakers.

We did witness a demonstration session for the wonderful Beolab 90 and will report more about that in our Beolab 90 Review.

There was also a demo session on the Beosound 1 and Beosound 2 wireless speakers. It was good to see how these models can work as a pair to give you elegant and mobile whole-home audio. But more on that in our special Beosound 1 & 2 Review.

B&O Bluetooth Earphones Beoplay H5 Reveiw in Pink

The B&O H5 Box

So as I admire the box of the H5’s I notice how well done the outer packaging is. It’s a high-end box that lets you know you are about to open a box of designer goods. B&O have made the box with a little of Apple’s styling. It’s definitely a box you will want to keep.

Once opened, you notice that the earphones are embedded in sturdy black rubber foam. As well as providing protection to the product, the open box is an impressive sight. So let’s charge them up and try them out.

There are a couple of small tabs left and right so you can pull the rubber foam tray out of the box. You will find the charger, embedded in the underside of the rubber foam. Remove it and the protective tape, remove your earbuds from the packaging. Plug in the earbud charger and carefully mount the earphones onto the charger, but be patient to get them round the right way. Once they’re on the charger the right way, take a mental note of the position they’re in. This will help you charge the earphones more easily next time as the H5 charger can be a little fiddly.

The B&O H5 Indicator Light

There is a cute pinpoint orange led flashing light on the charger that shows that it’s charging and this turns solid green when the earbuds are fully charged.

One charged the earphones fit neatly in your ears but once again, be patient to make sure that you have them the right way around. There is a small L and R printed on the inside of the earbud stem but that’s far too small for me to read. Instead I just remember that the small inline control unit is on the Left hand side.

Charging unit of the B&O Beoplay H5 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

B&O H5 Remote Control

The control unit allows you to take call when on the phone. Start and stop music, turn the volume up and down on music all with your fingers on the tiny remote.

The H5 control remote has 3 buttons so it’s worth reviewing the user manual to check exactly how to use the advanced functions with phone calls. It’s good to know that the H5 control unit has a built in microphone. You can either talk on the phone with it, or use Facetime, Skype or eve talk to Google or Siri with it.

The Basic pairing and volume control is easy with this remote. I didn’t even need to look at the user guide. Just give the centre button a long press to pair. I saw the B&O H5 on my iPhone 6s within seconds and connected to it using the iPhone. All done. The + and - buttons on the remote allowed me to raise and lower the volume with ease.

B&O H5 Earphones Magnetic Clip

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Earphone ReviewI like the fact that you can hang these earphones around our neck when not in use, and that they will magnetically clip together on your neck. This keeps them from falling off and getting lost.

The magnetic clip serves another function because the system automatically switches the earphones off when they are clipped together with the magnets. That’s a neat battery saving feature.

When they are switched on with a short-press, the earbuds display a pinpoint blue/white LED light on the inner side of the left-hand earbud. This indicator light is so discreet that no-one else will see it. I like the fact that these earbuds are totally discreet. You can hide theme under hair or a hat and no-one would know that they were there.

Splashproof & Dustproof

Being both splashproof and dustproof is an important feature of the B&O earphones because they can be part of your normal life. With the included protective pouch, it’s possible to slips them into a gym bag, handbag or briefcase and not worry that they are too fragile. The lovely glass B&O tag logo on the pouch bag is a nice touch for taking these cute earbuds out of home.

I found that one you learned how to out the B&O H5 in the ears, then it was clear how comfortable they were along with a neat design that won’t easily fall out of your ear. They do not need to be pushed in hard, just nestled gently in your ear. They feel gentle but won’t easily move. I would happily use them for jogging or cycling.

Many thanks to the team at Bang & Olufson America, Inc.

David Zapfel, Product/Training Manager

Thomas Folkmann, Regional Services Manager

Todd Anderson, Pro Partner Manager - Region Central East

Including a special thanks to:

Dora Czeczotka, Senior Marketing and PR Manager

Video Transcription:

B&O Beoplay H5 Earphones Remote Control UnitHi we're here today to take a quick look at the B&O Beoplay H5 luxury Bluetooth headset see if this earphone is truly an object of Desire.

To quote Bang & Olufsen about this product “walk,run, ride. Or, hop, Skip and jump for that matter with this headset”

Which brings to mind Michelle and Lesya who are friends of RYS and are very fashionable music fanatics who are truly always on the go. They both wondered if any wireless earphones could offer the sound quality and sleekness of Michelle’s super fashionable White PSB M4U 2 over-ear headphones with noise cancelling Or Lesya’s stunning OPPO PM-3 closed-back Planar Magnetic headphones? 


Well for the rest of wearing earbuds that plug in with a mini jack you are looking at some some extreme luxury designer bluetooth earphones. They are for those looking for elegant design along with the best sound and also aren't afraid to pay for it.

Inside are your Wireless earphones, a charger, 3 cable clips and silicone tips in for 4 sizes for a proper fit.

The Textile from Danish designer kvadrat is used for the cloth cord which is so much better than standard plastic you’ll normally find on headsets. The kvadrat cloth matches your headset and comes in macho black, rose pink or a soft moss green aluminum.

When we tested the H5 and found they are built for for both Music and Calls and are especially easy to use when you're on on the move. When you’re not using them you simply hang them around your neck with a quick magnet click. When love the mag clips that meet and turn the earphones off. They are discreet and elegant with magnet clips you end up with a smart looking B&O pendent!

The charging station is as well designed as the earphones and also uses these smart magnets for recharging. You can figure about 5 hours of battery life before recharging.

We really love All the fantastic materials and use of glass and magnets is like an homage to Steve Jobs. The metal used are exceptional with great hand feel and it is designed more like jewelry than earphones. That’s really showcased with smart B&O aluminum logos that are very very nice.

Also the cutest little B&O matched pouch for your earphones and charger. It all so smart and tidy and very discreet like jewelry you’ll tuck away in your travel bag.

For the very active these headsets are dust proof and splash proof. They also rest in ears gently and it's a very clever fit in your ear. It may take a try or two but once you’ve figured out the exact way they need to settle in your ears the fit is great and you’ll be able to repeat the process more easily with practice. The microphone and three button remote is placed on the left earpiece and you should never any confusion for pairing and power on your earphone.

Finding the right B&O app is a challenge at the iTunes store. B&O really do have too many to chose from and I imagine at some point in the near future they will B&O Beoplay App for controlling the H5 Earphonesconsolidate these apps. When we did some Google research we found the correct app and it did pair with our iPhone 6S effortlessly.

The H5 B&O app also helps out with worthwhile features to make sure you get the best sound with different EQ’s. Your entire touch screen device becomes the template for creating sound profiles. One quadrant to tune a warm sound, excited, relaxed or brighter sonic signature to whatever you’re listening to. It’s easy to do on the fly during sport, urban or home listening activities.

So whether you're in your hammock, commuting, running a marathon these earphones deliver the right mix of sound quality and exclusiveness. We say that these H5 earphones are a great complement to your Wireless Home Audio Setup.

B&O Beoplay H5 Earphones Review [Video]

B&O Beoplay H5 Earphones Review


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We love the Beoplay H5 Earphones for their sound, style and class.

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