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Vanatoo Transparent Zero Interview and demo by the Co-Founders

We were lucky enough to witness and record a full demo of the Vanatoo Transparent Zero by Gary Gesellschen, Chief Engineer and Co-founder of Vanatoo and also interview Rick Kernen, the other co-founder of Vanatoo. Rick explains the ideas behind their cool T0 entry-level audiophile speakers.

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B&O Beosound Beosound 2 and Beoplay A9 Demo at Axpona 2017

As Bang & Olufsen Speaker Demo's go, this was a great one to show off the Beoplay A9, Beosound 1 and Beosound 2 wireless speakers in the Axpona 2017 B&O room. David Zapfel kindly gave us an in-depth product tour and sound demo that showcased these stylish hi-end home audio speakers.

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Axpona 2018 The Best AudioPhile Show In North America

The Axpona 2018 Audio Show is coming up and that means we get to see the best in audiophile gear for both home hi-fi and professional use. Here is our take on what's coming up for this years show and also a mini-retrospective about what we enjoy last year.

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KEF LS50W Review KEF INterview With Dipin Axpona 2017

We review the KEF LS50W Wireless Speakers System in-depth with KEF as part of our series of Audiophile Brand Interviews. Rated number one in our best wireless speaker comparison, this audiophile speaker really is worth the money. Hear KEF explain more about their top home hi-fi product.

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