The Best DIY Audio Project? BoseBuild Speaker Cube!

The BoseBuild Speaker Cube Wins Best Audio DIY Project
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What’s A DIY BoseBuild Bluetooth Speaker Cube?

Hook up a Bluetooth Turntable To The BoseBuild

I’ll bet you didn’t know that building DIY Speakers is among the most popular projects among hi-fi enthusiasts. Those with a bent for woodworking, speaker design, matching crossover networks and selecting the drivers are not afraid to tackle building themselves their very own custom pair of speakers or a subwoofer.

At Rate Your Sound we like Bluetooth technology a lot. Even though it’s a near-field technology for connecting your device to your music, we still think it’s a fun... How much fun Bluetooth is to fiddle about with may depend on you. If you don’t see the fun part, we think Bose may change your mind with the BoseBuild Bluetooth Speaker Cube.

Why Are Bose Speakers Good For Wireless Audio?

Bose is one of our favorite company’s when it comes to simple and easy to use wireless audio systems. To sidebar for a moment, the Bose 10 x 2 Wireless Starter Pack made our Top 20 List and is one of the easiest way in more than one room or as a living room or desktop audio system. They, are elegant sound great, have Bluetooth, Wireless and and are packed with all Bose goodness. (Image of Bose 10 x 2 Wireless Starter Pack and link?)

A DIY Project Is All about Expanding Your Mind

Back to our review.. When the exceedingly cool BoseBuild Speaker Cube showed up at RYS offices excitement ensued. The BoseBuild is something really totally different for your audio system all wrapped up in a customizable, DIY high-performance Bluetooth speaker built for kids of all ages.

It’s all about learning about the science of sound with a Bose app-based journey on your touch device that guides you with experiments and color-changing lights. It’s loaded with interchangeable covers, coils and and magnets and a custom design in the raw Bose speaker. What Bose hopes is you’ll learn about the complex technology of speaker design and sound plus have some fun!

Back when I went to school there were lots of activities parents could share with their kids. Dad might help you build a go-cart, a complex plastic car or plane model, or for the ambitious, a tree house. Mom almost always helped with that big art project, and building that volcano or dinosaur diorama for the science fair was a family project.

There were lots of chances like that for parents to actually do stuff with their kid's. Today you barely see your children. They spend all their time glued to their phone, or doing homework on their computer, or texting with their friends.

Don’t you wish you could find something that you could do with your kids… something that was actually fun and educational?

We like that this Bose Cube harkens back to all the science and school projects we all did growing up. Also, if you liked building plastic models or Lego with your children this should ring your bell.

Kids expand their minds with the BoseBuild Speaker Cube

We can tell Bose went above and beyond figuring out how to make it an interesting project without turning it into an Ikea project. The well thought out app makes the biggest difference here allowing you to run experiments and tests before during and after the Cube is built.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube [Video]

Once your Bose Cube is built you’ll have some fun options of how to use. The Bose Cube will make a great gift on its own. Still, we liked matching it up with a the new idea of wirelessly connecting a vinyl playing turntable to a music system. These Bluetooth turntables have been showing up and typically are under $200. We love this type of system and the belt-driven AT-LP60-BT Bluetooth USB turntables made by Audio-Technica is one of our favorites. It comes in white, black and silver and at Urban Outfitters you’ll even find it in a pretty hue of pink.

Everything You Need to Know about BoseBuild Cube

First, it’s a Bluetooth speaker – which means that it’s a little speaker that sits on the table and plays music that you send to it from your phone or other portable device.

Because it uses the popular Bluetooth standard, most phones can play music through it. And, because Bose is a serious speaker company who makes real audio products, it really sounds very good for its size (about 5” square).

BoseBuild Speaker Cube Bos Contents

However, to be honest, there are lots of cool little Bluetooth speakers out there these days, and the $149 price tag on this one makes it one of the more expensive options… so why am I so excited about this one?

Well, because it’s not just a Bluetooth speaker. It’s also a combination kit and science project. Bose calls it a kit, but it’s really a lot more than that.

Yes, it comes in pieces, and you get to put it together by following the instructions, and there are all sorts of ways you can customize it - from changing the color of the lights and how they respond to music, to changing the pictures and patterns on the cabinet.

Beautiful Design With BoseBuild Speaker Cube

But, beyond that, it includes all sorts of extra educational demonstrations and experiments… about useful stuff like magnetism, and electronics, and how audio equipment and controls work.

This is really useful science stuff that your children will be learning in science class. You can build the BoseBuild Speaker Cube right away, or stop along the way to do the side projects, or take it apart after you build it and change it around. The included instruction App also includes several little informative demos to use after you’ve finished putting it together.

BOSEbuild Behind the Scenes [Video]

Is The BoseBuild DIY Project Fun?

What makes this especially nice for parents is that this is all stuff you can do with your kids. If you’re an electronic whiz you can show off to them, and teach them all the cool stuff. And, if you’re not such a whiz, you can learn it with them, and share the adventure.

We love the fact that if you’re just looking for project to keep a couple of kids busy they can build this without your help in about an hour. It’s a building and discovery project and there’s no sanding or soldering involved.

The only tools they’ll need are a pair of scissors and some tape, and the assembly procedure and all the extra activities are all well thought out and carefully explained, so you won’t end up sitting on the phone to the support department all day.

Your iPhone or iPad Helps Make The Project Fun!

You will, however need to make sure your kids have access a Apple iPhone or iPad to use to use the BoseBuild App to run the experiments, demos and instructions.

The BoseBuild Speaker Cube is safe and fun project, and is appropriate for anyone over 8 years old (up through adult – really ☺ ). If you’ve been looking for something interesting you can do with your kids, or to keep your them busy while actually getting them involved in science and technology, then you really owe it to yourself to check out the BoseBuild Speaker Cube…. There’s a lot of cool built into that little colored cube.

Kaya Stewart - Try It Out - BOSEbuild [Video]

Is The BoseBuild Speaker Worth It?

  1. The BoseBuild Speaker Cube is all inclusive – it comes with all the necessary parts and materials. All you need are scissors, some tape, and an iPhone or iPad.
  2. You do really need an Apple device to play the instructions and run the demos, but, once the Speaker Cube is built, it can play music from any Bluetooth enabled device, including Android phones and computers, or any player that has a line level audio output
  3. Not only do you end up with a working speaker but, unlike many projects, you end up with a really nice gadget that you can actually use – and that works really well. (So it won’t end up just sitting on a shelf after it’s done.)
  4. The Speaker Cube is designed to be run from an AC wall plug. (It runs on 12 VDC, which is pretty standard, so it could be adapted to be run from a battery, but Bose doesn’t specifically support that option.).
  5. Unlike lots of other kits and learning products, when you build the BoseBuild Speaker Cube, you will end up with a nice little speaker that you can actually use afterwards.
  6. And, yes, you can make the lights dance to the music, or turn them off entirely if they look too undignified for your living room.

Diy audio project for kids BoseBuild speaker cube

Bosebuild Speaker Cube Basic Specifications:


4.75” x 4.75” x 4.75”

Weight (finished speaker):

1.75 pounds


  • Bluetooth wireless
  • Line level analog signal via 3.5mm aux input jack

Mobile device required for instructions and demos:

Any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running IOS 8 or newer (except iPad 2)

Compatible music sources:

  • Any wireless music source with Bluetooth 3.0 or higher (including Android)
  • Any wired source with a 3.5mm audio output

Power supply (included):

AC power adapter requires 100 – 240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 0.5 amps

(adapter delivers 12 VDC @ 1.35 Amps)

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube Intro [Video]

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube Intro Video


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