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I have these HD6 powered speakers and the new PSB 450 subwoofer. I am using JRiver software from my iMac. I run an optical cable from my iMac to a Wyred 4 Sound reclocker to the Audioengine D1 DAC and then RCA unbalanced cables to the HD6 speakers. The sound is beautiful with this simple system. I have 5,000 songs on my iMac, and only a few seconds of one song sounded muddy. But all other songs play with no problem. Reverb, decay of notes, and tone and timbre are strengths. The speakers sound well balanced and never too bright. The reclocker really helps with the sound quality, and now there are more details. The HD6 speakers are a joy to listen to and I look forward to listening to them every day. I also have my TV hooked up into the optical jack on the speakers. This works well and the sound is great. To play music from my computer, I just hit mute on my TV remote and then click play in JRiver. And the opposite to go back to my TV audio. The HD6 offer beautiful sound, convenience, options, and a bargain price. Highly recommended.