Dynaudio Music Wireless Speakers: Interview Axpona 2018

Dynaudio Music 7 Wireless Speaker With The Cover Off at Axpona 2018
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Dynaudio Music 7 Without It's Speaker Grille

Dynaudio Interview Axpona 2018

Dynaudio is a Top 5 brand in the global loudspeaker category and when they have a new wireless speaker system we take notice. The company established itself 1977 with three lines, OEM speakers, DIY, plus loudspeaker systems, and has grown rapidly since then.

This is a company that has created some of the best passive and wireless music systems that can be purchased, and a favorite of audiophiles and professionals alike.

Today the Dynaudio team proudly manufacturers its products in Denmark and they include passive high-end luxury loudspeakers, competitively priced bookshelf speakers, wireless speakers and music systems, custom installations, and car audio.

We like the fact Dynaudio support a large dealer network. These are mostly high-end audio / video salons that you can find in your city and experience these great speakers first hand.

Now with the backdrop of the Axpona Audio Expo I am always how reminded why it's a great idea to suggest to readers and music loving audiophiles to attend shows and do these brand and manufacturer room visits.

Happily, today we are visiting Dynaudio who are very nicely set-up to to demonstrate the Music 1, 3, 5, and 7, wireless audio music systems

Marketing Shot of Dynaudio Music 5 Wireless Speaker with Red Cover

Dynaudio Music 5 Official Marketing Shot

Axpona Show Report

Dynaudio, Music 1 Music 3 Music 5 Music 7 Wireless Speakers

Mike Manousselis, VP Operations Dynaudio North America, is a down to earth guy well equipped to talk about the new directions that Dynaudio’s music systems are taking. At the 2018 Axpona Show in Chicago we talked more about Dynaudio’s passion for creating a new generation of high-end audio products that are adaptive and intelligent when used in the home.

Mike shared that the Music Series of speakers features adaptive technology and is encompassed in four different all-in-one speakers monikered, Music 1, Music 3, Music 5, Music 7.

The speakers themselves vary in size and are both wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled and have all the other modern ways to connect. Mike commented that having wi-fi gives the system some beautiful capabilities. For example, you can easily set up your streaming audio accounts.

As a nice bonus Dynaudio also has a free Tidal subscription when you purchase one of the Music Series speakers.

Mike continued, the controls and presets are smart and with any of the four models you can create dedicated stations and profiles along with having five presets on each speaker. That way you could have different channels dedicated to each family member. Or, set moods and different genres of music using internet radio stations giving you the world of music at your fingertips.

Music Now App

Mike explains, music at your fingertips is what the iOS and Android Music Now app are for. For your phone or device the app is quite intelligent in the sense that there's a feature which lets you configure profiles based on your music tastes and preferences.

Dynaudio Music Now App Screenshots

Dynaudio Music Now Smartphone App Screenshots

How it works is, you input your favorite artists or genres and it'll give you more selections. You can create a profile that will suggest other artists or bands or songs etc. that you might be of interest based on your preferences in the algorithm.

It’s also great you don’t have to have use the app on your phone to control this all-in-one music system! Once you’ve pre-configured streaming you’ll simply hit one button and the speaker will start playing algorithmically generated playlists or your music.

Hear the Detail in The Music

Mike moved on to talk about the apps ability to set two different sound modes for the speakers. One is called Noise Adapt which adjusts the equalization to the ambient noise of the room. So if you're in a showroom environment, heavy retail, a party or anything that would be a on the loud side the system will equalize for that.

On the other hand, if the speakers are in a dedicated audio sound room, or quiet living room, it will balance the equalization to the ambient noise levels of that situation.

Next is Room Adapt which will automatically on the fly adjust equalization to the room position of the speaker. So if you moved the speaker from a free standing location, to say a corner or any other location in the room, Room Adapt automatically use the DSP to further process for these room conditions.

When combined these technology features add huge sonic advantages based on the speakers location and the sonics of the room. Now combine that DSP platform with authentic Dynaudio drivers (which are the same core materials that are utilized in Dynaudios flagship speaker) makes for real high-end audio performance but in a lifestyle type package.

Battery Powered

Music 1 and Music 3 Go Anywhere

Dynaudios Music 1 and Music 3 have the added benefit of a built-in rechargeable battery power (8 hours continuous play) so they’ll go anywhere. Outside or inside you can also pair the speakers via Bluetooth and create stereo pairs. This is a nice bonus for a speakers set up on either side of TV, on a desktop, or an intimate stereo setup. All do-able by simply using the Music Now app.

Dynaudio Music 1 Wireless Speaker at Axpona Chicago 2018

Dynaudio Music 1

Inside Music 1 it’s fitted with two 40 watt amps for one soft-dome tweeter and a 4” primary driver. It weighs about three pounds and is eight inches tall and across.

Inside Music 3 it’s fitted with three 40 watt amps and two soft-dome tweeters and a 5” primary driver. It weighs about eight pounds and is eight inches tall and sixteen inches across.

Larger Dynaudio Music 3 Wireless Speaker on Show at Axpona Chicago 2018

Dynaudio Music 3

The Larger Models

Music 5 and Music 7

The two larger models, Music 5, and the Music 7 can be used as soundbars with your television, or as an independent music system with optical Toslink, and HDMI inputs and an audio return channel on the Music 7 that can help simplify your A/V setup.

Music 7 has six fifty watt amps, two soft-dome tweeters, two 4” midrange drivers, and two 5” bass drivers. It’s big at thirty two inches across and roughly seven inches tall and deep.

Music 5 is a slightly smaller all-in-one system with five fifty watt amps, two soft-dome tweeters, two 3” midrange drivers and a 5” inch bass driver. It’s size is eighteen inches across and seven inches tall and deep.

Dynaudio Music 5 Wireless Speaker on Show at Axpona Chicago 2018

Dynaudio Music 5

Mike explained both products are easy to use and have a lot of flexibility in terms of the applications that can be utilized. This ability to just touch and use the speaker with controls on the top of the larger speaker, or on the side of the two smaller models, without need of a phone or device is very intelligent and so useful in day to day use.

Outside and Inside

Music 5 and Music 7

Grills are from the acclaimed Danish textile house called Gabriel (available in four colors) should make these loudspeaker interior decorator friendly. Also, the basic topology of all the models is the same. With the same feature sets in four different form factors.

All four models are a statement of modern industrial design and will be noticed in your house. Up close, from the fabrics, aluminum accents, to the lighting inside the touch buttons this all-in-one feels and looks luxurious.

During our talk we bantered about bands and music picks but we quickly got back to the speakers themselves. When you are looking at the Music 5 and Music 7 speakers it should be mentioned they are very substantial sized all-in-one speakers and not thin black unobtrusive soundbars you tuck under a flat screen television.

As we looked over the speakers its smart design and functionality come to the forefront when the Music 7s lighting indicators went off to tell us what was happening.

The speakers wrapped in designer fabric with brushed aluminum touch strips and round buttons that encompass the controls looks sumptuous.

As we look at Mike’s iPhone we can see the different presets that correspond to the touch buttons on the Music 7. Looking at the app you can see it’s easy to customize the setup to your liking with some buttons set for favorite radio stations, favorite songs, favorite albums, favorite genres, and it's all configurable in the menu.

Mike continued to show that the app was also a great remote for the speaker and was quickly configurable for Room Adapt and Noise Adapt. We also found it was a breeze to use when your playing music from your Tidal account and your phone, or a device is acting as the remote control.

Dynaudio Music From The Dynaudio Youtube Channel

Dynaudio and Wireless Speakers

Mike honed in on how Dynaudio has been a pioneer of high-end wireless loudspeakers since 2012 with the first generation Xeo speaker. Both Music and Xeo lines of speakers are now a fourth generation product with more new models coming out.

As we discussed wireless speaker technology inside of a specialty two channel audio company know for luxury passive speaker systems the network of high-end speciality audio dealers came up regarding dealers attitudes to high-end wireless speakers.

We talked how not surprisingly when dealers are asked by customers wireless or wireless speakers the answer can easily be, “we don’t sell wireless”, “wireless isn’t good”.

Mike finished up stating, that this dealer narrative is changing towards wireless high-end audio products. When you go in and show hi-fi dealers speakers that combine the convenience of a wireless operation with uncompromising sound quality from a company with a high-end heritage you prove you can move the needle of opinion.

We Learned a Few Things

Having inspected the goods at Dynaudio we come away wholly impressed with the four wireless Music systems we demoed. It was clear from fit and finish of the physical product, to the software app we used on the phone, everything was ready for primetime.

I’ll add, many a high-end loudspeaker brands that sell expensive two-channel audio systems seem compelled to do the obligatory all-in-one speaker system or two, with varying success in terms of sound quality.

Instead Dynaudio has a line of four all-in-one speakers that will work together smartly if needed. And with the kind of sound quality that usually just isn’t be part of the package normally associated with an all-in-one music system.

Music Series Bluetooth Speaker Demo & Interview Axpona 2018 

Dynaudio Music Series Bluetooth Speaker Demo & Interview Axpona 2018


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