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Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by the best high-end audio advice and reviews on the entire interweb.

I am Simon, the administrator of this website and I strive to maintain the technical infrastructure, social networks and overall quality of Rateyoursound.

We only publish the highest quality Reviews and Guides on the best of wireless speakers.

We review the all of the best high-end wireless audio speakers on the market and let you know where and how to get the best deals.

It is our policy to always write high quality articles and reviews so that readers get the best information.

It is my job to ensure that the high standards of both Editorial Content and Technical Implementation are maintained on a daily basis.

We want Audiophiles to keep coming back to and read updates and new articles whenever they arrive.

If you are looking for high-end, wireless audio gear then you should find something relevant on this site.

Our informative Guides and Articles discuss some of the most important subjects related to bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headphones and high-end audio gear.

For example, What is Hi-Definition Bluetooth Audio? Can I use my iPhone without using Apple TV? What are the Pro's and Con's of Bluetooth Audio? Are All Bluetooth Speakers Mono?

These questions and many more are answered in a factual and friendly way by our staff writer, Paul.

We are constantly updating our information, which is why we are Number 1 on the web for high-end bluetooth speakers and audio reviews.

If you do come across anything on this site that is a problem for you in any way, please do let me know by using the feedback tab to the right of this page and Contact us.

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