KEF X300A: The Best Active Wireless Studio Monitor Speakers?

May 27 2019
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Let's take an in-depth look at the #6 speakers in our Best Wireless Speakers comparison table. These little bookshelf gems from KEF are stunning.

X-300AW Wireless Stereo Speakers - Does KEF Have the X-Factor?

This company's been around long enough to have a high fidelity speaker museum devoted to the KEF legacy. KEF can be found in the province of Britain and the international loudspeaker manufacturer is renowned in audiophile and professional circles as the creator of some of the very best of hi-fi speaker systems available and they've been doing this since the sixties!

KEF X300A Wireless Speakers

Image Name Color Output Power Rating WiFi Warranty Length Accuracy in Frequency Response Battery Power Connections Available Bandwidth Bluetooth Dimensions Sound Pressure Level Stereo Pairing Warranty Weight Remote Control Details
Compare The KEF KEF X300A Wireless KEF X300A Wireless Linear White 140Watts
WLAN - 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz & 5GHz), Apple AirPlay®, DLNA wireless streaming n/a 58Hz - 28kHz (+/- 6dB) No 1 x USB iPod/iPhone/iPad connector, 1 x Line-in, 1 x Ethernet 49Hz - 45kHz (- 6dB) Yes, Bluetooth 4.0 11.0 x 7.1 x 9.6 inches 104dB No 1 year 33lbs No
Compare The KEF KEF X300A Wireless KEF X300A Wireless Gunmetal Grey 140Watts
WLAN - 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz & 5GHz), Apple AirPlay®, DLNA wireless streaming n/a 58Hz - 28kHz (+/- 6dB) No 1 x USB iPod/iPhone/iPad connector, 1 x Line-in, 1 x Ethernet 49Hz - 45kHz (- 6dB) Yes, Bluetooth 4.0 11.0 x 7.1 x 9.6 inches 104dB No 1 year 33lbs No

KEF's early success began by satisfying the needs of professional organizations like the BBC. This broadcaster had both demanding standards for sound quality and many specific use cases for the speaker systems they imagined. BBC's commitment to research and development with the goal of excellence in sound reproduction was serious business back then and it was decided KEF was the right partner to design and build pro monitors with.

Engineering Quality From KEF With X300A Wireless HiFi Speakers

The result of the relationship is KEF / BBC designed and built rugged speakers in both large and small enclosures that were built for inside and outside use. Most would be used by the BBC for monitoring broadcasts and for mixing live shows, events or concerts. These pro monitors needed to exactly reproduce the sound and dynamics of cannon fire, symphonic and popular music or actors whispering dialogue. They needed to also do this with the greatest of accuracy across the audible sound spectrum, and at various output levels.

All this professional design work eventually led to products for the home music systems. It all started with a diminutive KEF LS3/5A broadcast monitor designed to be used in cramped BBC broadcast vans. That speaker turned out to be KEF's breakthrough product and its first big success and the home version sold 50,000 pairworldwide.

It's not surprising that KEF moved on from the LS5 design. It is very surprising that even though the L5 was designed in the sixties, the sound is so amazingly good, that right now you can buy contemporary clones of this lauded speaker from Harwood, Spendor and Falcon.

It's now 50 years later and KEF's classic speaker design meets the future with the X-300's. All that history should tell you KEF is almost a point of origin for small full range loudspeakers. Designing these bookshelf speakers - which constitutes most wireless speaker systems - can be a beautiful thing if you know what you're doing. KEF's powered and wireless models the X-300A and X-300AW are all about KEF's years of engineering excellence and delivering the listener a pair of compact full range speaker suited for both the desktop or living room setup.

KEf X300A Wireless Not Only Look Great They Sound Great

Not All Wireless Systems Are Built The Same

  • Stand Alone and Self Contained - Sold in Stereo Pairs - Two Variations - One is Wireless
  • USB DAC 24-bit/96kHz - 70W per channel and Four Class AB Amplifiers
  • Speakers: Uni-Q Point Source Driver Array - Midbass Punch Potent Enough For Music, Games, Films
  • Apple Airplay or DLNA (no Bluetooth)
  • Slider Switch Optimizes Sound for Desktop or Normal Room Setup
  • Dimensions: 11.1" x 7.1" x 9.6"

KEF Uni-Q Technology [Video]

KEF X300A Wireless Won't Seem Expensive Once You Hear Them

KEF X-300's are from audio speaker designers with a strong point of view. KEF's level of manufacturing quality helps provide a high quality look on all sides of the X-300's. With traditional bookshelf speaker looks, soft edges, KEF hiding all the controls on the backside. In its two color choices, Linear White or Gunmetal plus Uni-Q drivers in shiny metallic grey it all looks gorgeous and as modern as speakers can look.

The KEF X-Series just don't look like wireless computer speakers - which I think is the point - but in fact they are, and will thrive on desktop, in a small living room, on stands / bookshelf and taking up a minimum amount of space and stereo system clutter. With your trusty smartphone, tablet or laptop and a very minimum amount of setup time you're off and running with this superb diminutive appearing but very big sounding setup. Can you tell we love these speakers at Rateyoursound?!

KEF X300A Review [Video]

I'll share something: None of it matters that much in terms of overall SQ of your system if the tweeters are not up to the job. Audiophiles will compromise on many things; like deep bass response, cheap construction and there speakers can even be banged up and ugly, but audiophiles won't compromise on the excessive brightness associated with many cheap tweeters. When you see to similar looking traditional small speakers with a huge difference in price it's many times the tweeters that are part of a big increase in price of the speakers. If you listen all day to your music a good tweeter will make long listening sessions a pleasure.

That said, we love the KEF tweeters - In the X-300 the tweeters are part of the company's latest aluminum/magnesium Uni-Q drivers seen throughout the KEF line. Simply stated, it has musical detail and disperses a large sweet-spot giving you placement flexibility in your living space. Also, unlike most computer speakers KEF takes a pass on the typically chosen Class D amps and prefers four separate Class AB for each driver - We bet they heard a positive difference in the overall SQ when using the Class AB amps versus Class D particularly the tweeters SQ.

KEF X300A Wireless Best Small Speaker For The Money Studio Monitor

For the desktop or in a casual listening space get ready to enjoy punchy bass performance and sublime transparent and very detailed sounding highs. I'd also say these are among a handful of desktop speakers that don't need a subwoofer. They are uniquely tuned for either listening as a desktop setup, in an open living room or against a wall and you'll be satisfied with the bass performance.

The switchable EQ modes for the desktop or an open space fine tunes the bass and treble output. Also, these are ported speakers and small foam "bungs" will let you further dial in your bass response based on the speakers proximity to your back walls. In setting up we all liked the tactile nature of flipping an EQ switch, adjusting the balance, master volume setting and using the foam bungs and using your ears to decide which option gives you the best tonal balance for the listening environment.

For the open living room the EQ control and using bungs the bass response flattens out giving you a more spacious sound. When on either side of TV for films or gaming we loved the almost surround effects of these little speakers and Bunny loved them for gaming. If your fussy, using stands helps amp up this wide spacious effect.

Style On A Bookshelf KEF X300A Wireless Hifi Speakers

Some people might say the X Series is just a starter setup for someone wanting a high quality hi-fi. That is the furthest thing from the truth - Sound at KEF is exemplified by the Uni-Q driver array that is shared throughout the KEF lineup of speakers and one of the reasons you should want these little guys.

Even at the X-300's price point they are worth more if you want room filling sound without distortion. Well, maybe it is a starter system - but what a way to kick off your first wireless hi-fi setup. The X300A From KEF, our #6 pick for best wireless speaker systems.

KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System [Video]

KEF X300A Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System


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