Unboxing The Kanto SYD Bluetooth Speaker System

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Our best choice for an apartment speaker, as detailed in our full Kanto SYD Review, this unboxing video details exactly what you get for your money as it comes in the packaging.

As we had this nice Kanto SYD in our hands for review recently, and a lot of us order products online and have them shipped directly to our homes, we thought that the packaging was also an important aspect of the overall product to look at.

Important questions like "Will it withstand the shipping process?" are important to ask. In this case, the SYD is packaged extremely well, so we would expect the 2 layers of boxes and internal padding would survive a few of those inevitable knocks while being moved on a truck.

SYD Unboxing Video Transcription

Here is the full transcription of our unboxing video featured on our Youtube channel.

Today we are taking a look at a brand new product from Kanto it's there S-Y-D or I guess you call it their SYD system. It's an all-in-one Bluetooth speaker. It supposedly has a quick setup, is easy to use, and has great sound.

Kanto has a product, so if you jump online that looks exactly like SYD that's been out for a number of years but this system has been completely upgraded.

It's got a lot of new features on it. Here we're taking a look at the back of the box and also the back of the system. So your AC outlet, power, and all your various connections, which we'll talk about in a second. And then here's an idea what this speaker looks like up front.

[Simon protects me from hurting myself with the knife] So it's always fun when you've got something new we haven't seen this. We actually talked to the sales manager at the Axpona (audio) show in Chicago a couple of months ago.

He told us about the product and we saw the product at the show. But you know, a noisey roomful of people, you know really couldn't get a handle on what it was all about, although like pretty nice.

Kanto SYD Well Packaged Shipping Box

Rugged Packaging

So now we carefully unbox. And the nice part is they have their own package so let's get this bad boy out. So here it is. It's actual color is coral.

So I think they've done a great job on the packaging. Over here you've got the features of the system in a couple of different languages.

It tells you you can hook up a subwoofer, tells you it's USB charging, the auxiliary input and the various inputs. So let's open this up and take a look at what we got. Okay, so there's the back of the system but I want to open the box this way.

So here we go. "Thanks for choosing Kanto if there's anything more we can do to help please contact us". That sounds like a nice bunch of guys.

The Inner Branded Box Of The Kanto SYD

What's In The Box?

All right, so right on top we have the instruction manuals. I've actually heard these instruction manuals are very complete, which is not something you'll always get with a product.

Okay. Power cord, auxiliary cable, and batteries for the remote.

One thing we knew about the Kanto was they care about the sound. One of the ways you care about the sound is you put the speaker on a stand. This way you're not dealing with the resonances of the table / shelf that you have it on.

So this is an all aluminum or all steel stand it's got a cushion bottom sits it's 17 degrees doing two things. It's decoupling the speaker from whatever it's sitting on. And tilting it so you get better imaging and better sound.

It looks like you could drop the box of a moving UPS truck no problem.

Kanto SYD Protective Dust Cover Packaging

Dust Cover

Inside the speaker itself is covered in a cotton like plastic. Now we reach our hands underneath and it's easy to grab the unit. Nothing else is in the box. So here it is as we remove the dustbag.

The unit is about 17 and a half inches long. You have two small drivers here for the mid-range in the bass. You have dome tweeters here. And there's indicator lights, and you have a full function volume control which also handles the input you want is all all controlled over here.

The color is nice and the rounded corners and finish are good. The bottom even has a stand / pad if you don't use the stand. If you turn it around you'll see all the inputs.

Multiple SYD Inputs

One of the nicest features here is you have your standard RCA inputs. So that means you can plug in a CD player, a cassette deck, a gaming machine or just about anything you want.

But, what this Bluetooth system has that most don't is the ability to hook up a phono (turntable) so you can play your records. And I think that's really exciting so that gives you the gamut from using it with your TV, gaming device and even for your records.

So that's about it other than a subwoofer output, on/off switch and there is ground which is really useful if you connect a turntable. The optical in will be great for your PC anything digital. Your TV probably has optical and that's probably the easiest way to connect to a TV. So let's put it on the stand…

Speaker Stand Included

So it's interesting that they have the bottom cushioned so it's all set. It's nice if you don't want to use the stand, if you don't like the stand, you're still set to go. But then you put it on the stand and I think what you're looking at is a very nice system.

Again it's about seventeen and a half inches across, about five inches high. If you want to do the big bass system you've got the sub-out in the back. Bluetooth connectivity between multiple devices is another nice feature. And it comes in a variety of colors.

So kind of what we plan to do is play with it a little bit more. You know we first heard about Kanto because they have a line of bookshelf speakers so those are stereo pairs and after hearing those we really felt like this SYD systems something we wanted to get our hands on and test out.

The Kanto SYD Mounted On The Included Base Stand

Giveaway Prize

Now, last but not least the very system you are looking at it is going to go back in the box and be sent out to a lucky winner. We have a contest running (contest ended in July 20178) with

Kanto and this is the system that we're going to send out to the winner. We're going to do a quick test on it and after that's done it's going to go to the winner.

So there you are setup. With your remote control, auxiliary cable for your analog connections, and an optical in the back to hook up to a TV, or a gaming device, a phono input for a turntable.

Now all we're going to have to do is take a look at how it sounds and play with it just a little bit more.

Dont forget to read our full Kanto SYD Speaker review for the full low-down on what this great system does.


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We love this Kanto SYD bluetooth speaker system. Great for apartment living, it will hook up to a turntable, games console, TV or phone with ease.

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